Posted by: Sarah | May 10, 2010


Each month, Mom and Dad ask each of us kids to write them a letter on a certain topic.  April’s topic was to write about how we had worshipped God while working out during the month (good thing I worked out!).  

One evening I was jumping rope in the courtyard in front of my house.  As I jumped (and listened to a Boundless podcast), I enjoyed looking at the flowers my landlord had planted, and ended up praising God for his beautiful creation:  

These vibrant pink flowers bloom year-round.

Here are the buds.

These purple flowers hit me on the head and get pollen all over me as I get into the car every morning.

Bouganvillea. We've got white and pink.

The orchids were especially beautiful.


More orchids.

My favorites are the volunteer chili pepper plants.

And in addition to plants, we also had a very large caterpillar.  I’m told this one will become an atlas moth:  


Father, your creation is truly amazing!  Thank you for showing your glory in this way.



  1. […] rearranged the potted plants to be even more aesthetically pleasing.  Remember the flowers from a few posts ago?  All of those are under Loung Fong’s […]

  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. He is glorious and beautiful.
    I do skipping too. Its manageable in our little apartment. Can’t do fancy stuff just for working out. : >

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