Posted by: Sarah | May 3, 2010

Make a Pass

The other day, I was having lunch with one of my good Lao friends, Miss Bird.  As we were chatting (in English), she brought up my coming home assignment this fall:

Bird:  Sarah, you’re going home this year, right?

Me:  Yes, that’s right.

Bird:  And you’ll go to church there, right?

Me (thinking she has a question about church):  Yes, I will.

Bird:  And there will be lots of people there, right?

Me (wondering if she wants people to pray for her):  Yeah, pretty many.

Bird:  Men and women, boys and girls?

Me:  Yeah.  Why do you ask?

Bird:  When you’re at church, I think you need to make a pass.

Me (now pretty confused):  What?

Bird:  I’m afraid that when you are at church, you only sit and read your Bible.  You need to look up and make a pass.  You need to make eye contact with the men so they will notice you.

Well.  Good advice is always appreciated, no matter what form it comes in!



  1. Haha, awesome!

  2. That’s so funny. Are you going to make a specific pass or just a general all around the room pass.

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