Posted by: Sarah | February 22, 2010

What can you learn from Genesis 1?

Last week, I visited a friend whose father had been wanting to know more about my faith.  He apparently had some scant background knowledge from some Catholic acquaintances, and I have never kept my beliefs a secret.  Now he is facing kidney disease as a complication of diabetes, and he is searching for something that will give him hope.

We talked for a while about God and his Son, and my friend’s father listened carefully and asked many thoughtful questions.  Before I left, I marked Genesis and John for them to read over the course of the coming week.

However, I overestimated the extent of his background knowledge.  He didn’t seem to understand that the Bible is divided into many books, and that I had meant for him to read all of Genesis and all of John.  As a result, he read Genesis 1 every day that week. 

I wanted to giggle when he told me this.  Every day!  Thankfully, I didn’t laugh, but calmly asked him what he had learned.  His summary?  “God made the world and everything in it.  He made men.  If he made all of it, he also must be the one who knows how to fix it.”

This was humbling for me.  From a passage that I hadn’t expected to be the most relevant for him, he had drawn a faith-building truth that spoke to his current situation and felt need.  It lead him to want to learn even more.  Praise God that his word never returns void!


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