Posted by: Sarah | February 18, 2010

Quail Eggs

One of the more palatable delicacies in Laos is quail eggs.  They’re so little and cute!  Here’s one below, pictured next to a chicken egg for size comparison:

The Lao especially like to eat them hard-boiled, but the lady who sold them to me said that I could also scramble or fry them.  The shell is a bit more rubbery than a chicken eggshell.

I felt like I was cooking for dolls!

Quail eggs actually taste quite good, like a chicken egg but a bit richer.  Since they’re sold by the kilogram–and there’s a lot of eggs in one kilogram!–I’ve been hard-boiling several each morning to take to school.  If you get a chance, give ’em a try.



  1. Sarah,
    I would love to try the quail eggs. I have young hens laying eggs much smaller than normal but not quite that small. And they are bluish green because of the breed.

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